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LeiseMelks rebirthing as „IndieWatt“

You know: Everything has an end, only the sausage has two of them…With this analogy I can write: IndieWatt has two beginnings and no end. The first beginning was a venture with a good ending (one!) In a very short time, we had the „LeiseMelk“  in operation for milking the cows of an off-grid alpine cheese factory in the Swiss alps. This was a huge success, so that we decided to go for a next development. The second beginning. On field 1.







A new battery, a new bidirectional inverter, many new functions. With your support IndieWatt will become THE universal storage device. At your home IndieWatt stores your solar energy and gives it back to your house before sunrise and after sunset. In the middle of nowhere he propels all appliances you use at home. And if there is some renewable production in the nowhere, then you can recharge the battery. Without the help of big brother.

What’s so new?

I agree: off-grid power supply exists and batteries also. IndieWatt goes some steps further. He is mobile, he can take a lot of energy in its saltbattery (tree times lead acid), and the power of the inverter is enough to use any machinery you are used to. We take a EV-Battery (28kWh / 375Vdc) a very innovative inverter (4.3 / 8.6 / 12.9 kW) and integrate the whole to a working system. New is also the fact that it can work off-grid AND grid tied and it can integrate all sorts of power sources.

Yes we can! (The energy revolution is around the corner…)

Now we hope to get all the financing to start this development. The goal is CHF 50’000.-, a meager sum for such a development. If we get the money thanks to you all, then IndieWatt will work hard in summer 2015 and we deliver once more the evidence: A fully fletched and reliable electricity supply with renewable energies is possible!

If we don’t get the money, we will get drunk and send your pledge back to your account. BUT: We don’t want to get drunk!

You can help us a lot by word of mouth, by telling your friends, relatives, partners about this project is, what we intend to do, what it is good for and who is doing such a crazy thing .

Many, Many thanks!